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Deakin's Guerra

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Most people don't know that both Deakin and Geologist are avid scuba divers and have both visited Socorro Island, the unique biosphere that is the beneficiary of our collaboration with Animal Collective.  We are super stoked on Deakin's embroidered Guerra which was inspired directly by his scuba diving experience and features a fish motif. The declining fish population and health of the ocean's ecosystems is a topic that Deakin is passionate about.  He recently sent us some amazing vids that were both educational and motivating.  Check out this video with ecologist Jeremy Jackson to get acquainted with some of the many issues facing the ocean, this talk with Enric Sala as he showcases some amazing shots of pristine ocean environments, and the deeply inspiring Sylvia Earle.

Pre-order Deakin's Guerra and the rest of the Animal Collective shoes here.  All profits will be donated to the Socorro Island Fund and all pre-orders will be shipped with a bonus cassette of unreleased music.

Next AC Shoe, Deakin, Pavement, BK and TG

Friday, October 1, 2010

We really apologize for the delays on our site and its subsequent crashing on Monday.  The overwhelming interest generated by Avey Tare's Tobin and the general Animal Collective project was awesome but a bit too much for our server.  We have been working feverishly to get us upgraded and to avoid these problems for our subsequent release on Monday.  So if anyone has wanted to check out the site but was discouraged by the heavy traffic, please come back! 

This coming Monday the second shoe in the Keep+AC project will be revealed.  It's pretty sweet so get pumped.  Just a couple more days!  Check out the pic of photographer Brendan Klein and his accomplice Tom Grom who rolled with while Brendan was snapping our product shots for us (thanks dudes).  Tie dyed tees look good on everyone especially when they're hand-dyed with love.

This week was a good week for shows in LA.  Not only did we catch Deakin at his Eagle Rock performance with Prince Rama but we also made it to Pavement, No Age and Sonic Youth at the Hollywood Bowl, one of our favorite venues to see music in this city.  Pavement seriously belted out a heavy mega mix of all the jams including almost all our favorites: Grounded from Wowee Zowee, In the Mouth a Desert from Slanted, Summer Babe, Gold Soundz (which was sick to listen to in an ampitheatre).  Although we can't help but regard reunion tours suspiciously, this show was pretty sick.  Deakin's show was awesome too.  We were digging the last two jams on a heavy level and we're psyched on his new set up with the Prince Rama girls. 

Stay tuned for the next Keep + AC release on Monday and more news....


Keep + AC: Avey Tare's Spectral Slip On

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our very first Animal Collective shoe from Avey Tare.  Click here to reserve your pair that will ship in March along with a bonus cassette of previously unreleased tracks.  All advanced sales get the tape!  For more details on the amazing area that will benefit from this project and more info on the collaboration, go to the Keep + AC page.

Keep + Animal Collective: More info!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

For all of you who have been wondering what's up with our project with Animal Collective, here's a bit more info.  Sign up on our mailing list for the latest news (you can do this by going to our homepage and entering your email in the box in the center of the page)  Design reveals will be rolling out very soon.  We're really stoked to be able to do this project with people we really love.  All profits will benefit the Socorro Island Conservation Fund.  We promise to give you more deets on everything shortly! 

Don't forget, for every pair of Keeps purchased on Pick Your Shoes over the coming weeks, both PYS and Keep will be donating proceeds to Greenpeace to aid in their efforts to help clean up the Gulf Oil Spill.

Keeps in the Philippines!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Check out this blog post from the blog STYLES I LOVE about our Homer Blue Picnic Plaid found in the Hmrm shop in Makati, Philippines. Much love to the Keep fans in the Philippines!

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