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Friday, December 3, 2010

Missed the online Thanksgiving sale?

This is our biggest sample sale to date -- Los Angeles, get ready. We're moving our office, so we've got samples galore to sell. Friday Dec 3 (10 am to 5 pm), Saturday Dec 4 (10 am to 5 pm) and Sunday Dec 5 (10 am to 3pm). Up the alley from Phoenix Bakery on Bamboo Lane between Broadway and Hill.

418A Bamboo Lane, LA, CA 90012. (213) 620-0148. Cash and cards accepted. See you there!

Holiday 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

I don't quite know how, but the last three months have disappeared into a blur otherwise known as a season.  The holidays are already upon us and while it's definitely a bit chillier here in Cali, I miss the charcoal scented air, fire colored leaves, and the millions of layers that are so distinctive to the East Coast.  Sure, it may be annoying to see every guy, girl and their mother wearing pea coats, but you kinda miss it when there are still people wearing shorts with Ugg boats here in LA during our so-called winter. 

I headed over to Philly to visit the Ramos clan, of which our signature style is the namesake.  It was rad to be in colder weather before it turns biting, to see grey skies before they turn dreary, and to run around with a pack of little kids, getting their new fitteds.  How is it that 8 year olds know how to keep a cap crispy?  Family, whatever the composition, is the heart of everything we do over here at Keep, and it was inspiring to be with a young family, living in one very tall house, with uncles, aunties, three kids, a dog and a cat coming together and just being a thriving mass of love.  It was a bustling blend of cooking, dish washing, video game playing, learning to walk (for the baby), getting and giving birthday tattoos (for the adults), with a pinch of ayurveda and yoga, and a quick shot of dandelion wine.  And that was only a two day trip. How is it that sometimes you can be in the middle of the most chaotic moment, yet feel so calm, eye of the storm style?  It came to me that family is belonging, and it was a good feeling.

This Holiday season has a lot of nostalgia woven into it.  The Gilman plaids mixed with tweeds are a tip of the hat to one of Baltimore's oldest prep schools.  It reminds me of lacrosse sticks and little boys wearing ties, and the corduroy combos go hand in hand with the whole feel.  The maroon blanket plaid is an exact replica of a blanket my mother used to keep in the trunk of her Volvo for when the days got cold and we wanted an extra something to wrap around us while the car warmed up.  The richness of microsuede in a deep bark is as autumnal as it gets. 

We shot the Fall and Holiday lookbook in Idyllwild, CA where winter still feels like winter, and there are lakes and snow on the ground one hour away from the dry desert plain.  Actor Phil Rhys and the lovely Helen Hamber accompanied us with artist Ashley Thayer, skater Steve Bailey and of course the documentarian Ray Potes.  We visited Courtney Shanks and Brian Ayers at their amazing restaurant, The Mountain, where everything is made from scratch and beyond delectable.  Courtney and Brian also let us snap some pics in their amazing John Lautner cabin, reminding me that there are still places in Southern California where you can live simply, in nature, hand in hand with art and architecture. 

We hope you enjoy the Holiday season as much as we liked bringing it to you.  May your holidays be filled with family, whether that be friends or relatives, food and possibly some footwear.

Last Day to Pre-Order

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!  We've extended the pre-order deadline for the Keep + AC shoes by one day.  Pre-orders will close at midnight, the night of Monday, November 1.  Please get your orders in by then if you want to reserve your pair of shoes and guarantee your copy of the four song cassette featuring a solo track by each member of the band. 

Spottings: All over the map!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

One of the most important things about life is maintaining the stoke.  Sometimes, especially in a gnarly economy, it's hard to keep the energy flowing when you have an independent small business.  Doing projects with friends that benefit amazing causes certainly helps.  But so do having rad visitors and cross country Keep spottings!

Chris Johanson and the lovely Jo Jackson dropped by our office yesterday,  It was really comforting to hang with them and just rap out.  So psyched to have them here in LA and they were looking amazing in their new Keeps.  Jo was rocking the water resistant Red Kite Elias, and I gotta say in this rainy weather it made me want to get chromatical.  I think they came prepared because they arrived in outfits that were pre-determined as PFK (perfect for Keeps).  It was like destiny. 

It was also beyond to see Legacy from New Boyz rocking his Keeps at the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta and the MTV Music Awards in LA.  He looked real good too.  Thanks for making the shoes look so sick Legacy.  Who'd have thought Keep would make it the black and red carpets on both coasts?  It's really a rad feeling to see Keeps looking so fresh.

If you've got any Keep spottings, send them out to us at or post them on our facebook.  Seeing you all make your Keeps look so tight really makes our day.  

Panda Bear and Geologist Rock the Ramos

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sorry for the delay in posts!  If you've been checking out our Keep + Animal Collective page, you've been seeing what we've been up to our eyeballs in.  We've finally reached the last design reveal with Panda Bear's Camo Ramos.  Featuring a custom camouflage print, extra set of black laces, and natural gum sole, Noah's Ramos rounds out the last of the Keep + AC collection.  When we asked him what made him go for camo, he answered, "I’ve always liked camouflage patterns and I’d be lying if I said the idea of blending into the environment and becoming invisible didn’t excite me a little bit."  That really made us smile.

Last week, we revealed Geologist's Kid's Ramos.  Brian was inspired by fatherhood and made a shoe for his son.  "I just thought about how psyched I would be when I was a kid to have had sharks on my shoes and how psyched my kid will be to wear a pair if he ends up liking sharks."  Since so many peeps emailed us bummed that they couldn't get it adult sizes, we added a grown up version to the lineup. 

Only two weeks left to pre-book your shoes, reserve a copy of the cassette of unreleased music and help protect Socorro Island.  With all these design reveals and blog posts it's sometimes easy to forget that the whole goal of this project is to preserve a precious place in the world that is home to a diverse aquatic population of sharks, manta rays, fish and other wildlife.  It faces continual threats and needs your help to keep it safe.  You can donate directly to the Socorro Island Conservation Fund by going to their page.

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